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Step 3 - Provision the hardware infrastructure

In this step we will provision the hardware infrastructure required by the organization.

  1. All the below operations are to be performed under the terraform organization created in the step 2.
  2. Setting up the workspace

    • Create a workspace with name infra prefixed with the organization's environment type. For e.g. if env is prod then the workspace name will be prod-infra.
    • Choose /infra in the terraform github repository for version control with default branch pointing to master.
    • No variables are required for this workspace.
  3. Attach this workspace to the respective variable set of the organization created in Step 2.

  4. Run the pipeline by Actions.
    • Click on Actions and then Start new run to start a new run.
    • Below variables are present in the output
      1. account_id - account ID of the client
      2. eks_cluster - information of the EKS cluster. It has the following keys -
        • name - name of the EKS cluster.
        • version - kubernetes major version of the EKS cluster. For e.g.
              name = "<NAME>"
              version = "X.YZ"
      3. environment - environment type of the EKS cluster.
      4. organization_name - name of the organization
      5. rds_details - details of the database (inside VPC). It has the following keys -
        • endpoint - accessible endpoint of the database inside the VPC.
        • engine - current engine of the database
        • name - name tag for the database. For e.g.
              endpoint = "<ENDPOINT>
              engine = "X.Y"
              name = "DATABASE"
      6. region - client's preferred region
    • These variables are informative and not neccessary to interpret.

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