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Blotout Cloud can be deployed / hosted in below two ways -

  1. Bring Your Own Cloud Infrastructure
  2. Blotout Hosted Infrastructure

You need to decide one path from the below two.

Bring Your Own Cloud Infrastructure

This deployment strategy deploys all the required infrastructure resources in the client's cloud provider. For e.g. If client already has an account in the AWS cloud then it can be used to deploy infrastructure in the client's AWS account.

Blotout Hosted Infrastructure

This deployment strategy deploys all the infrastructure resources in the new account under the management of the parent Blotout account. For e.g. If the client wishes to outsource the entire infrastructure to Blotout (AWS) then it will have an account which will be under the Blotout Management Account.

Which one is right for your use case ?

If you already have an AWS account and wish to use for your deployment then you can follow the Bring Your Own Cloud Infrastructure strategy so that all resources get deployed in your own AWS account. For this you will have to supply credentials for a user with sufficient policies so that Blotout can deploy its resources and applications freely. If you don't want to take any extra burden in deployment of resources then you can select Blotout Hosted Infrastructure strategy through which resources will be deployed in Blotout AWS account under a new organization. All the user and its resources will be taken care by Blotout through terraform.