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User Onboarding

Once your UI is available you can use your email to signup. This email is the one which you have filled in the form under Application Login Email / Domain Whitelisting.


If Google SSO is enabled then users on the SSO domain can easily login into the UI.

First time sign up

When your UI is up on the blotout domain, you can use your email or any email under your domain (if domain is submitted in the form) to sign up. This variable is the one that we used as pre-requisite.

  1. Visit the web application URL. This URL will be informed to you via the mail or you can know the web URL via the following expression https://<ORGANIZATION_NAME>-ui-<ENV> where <ORGANIZATION_NAME> stands for the name of the organization and the <ENV> stands for the environment type. (For e.g.
  2. Once the UI is available, click on Login with Email.
  3. As your email is not signed up so you will not be able to login. For this, click on Don't have an account? SIGN UP.
  4. Enter the email and fill the form. Sign up
  5. Verify the confirmation link on your mail ID and then login.

To add another user

  1. Log in with your administrator_email using the above steps.
  2. Click on the Engineering Section and then Manage Users. Manage Users
  3. Click on Add Users. Add users
  4. Then you can add your user's email and press tab. Adding email
  5. Then visit the /signup page and sign up with the whitelisted email. Sign Up
  6. You will recieve a link in your given mail ID through which you can login.

Next Step is to create an application.