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Step 4 - Provision the application

In this step we will provision the application on the deployed hardware.

  1. All the below operations are to be performed under the terraform organization created in the step 2.
  2. Setting up the workspace
    • Create a workspace with name app prefixed with the organization's environment type. For e.g. if env is prod then the workspace name will be prod-app.
    • Choose /app in the terraform github repository for version control with default branch pointing to master.
    • Configure the following variables for the workspace. auto-set variable are set by Blotout
      1. apps_default_hosted_api_token - (sensitive) Blotout token of DNS provider [auto-set]
      2. apps_default_hosted_zone_id - (sensitive) Blotout Zone ID [auto-set]
      3. administrator_email - ui mail to be whitelisted.
      4. airflow_job_start_date - start date of the pipeline For e.g. if pipeline is created on 12th August 2022 the value of the variable will be 2022-08-12 12:00:00
      5. docker_username - (sensitive) username for dockerhub [auto-set]
      6. docker_password - (sensitive) password for dockerhub [auto-set]
      7. smtp_user - (sensitive) user to authenticate to smtp server [auto-set]
      8. smtp_password - (sensitive) password to authenticate to smtp server [auto-set]
      9. git_user - (sensitive) user to authenticate to github [auto-set]
      10. git_token - (sensitive) password to authenticate to github [auto-set]
  3. Attach this workspace to the respective variable set of the organization created in Step 2.
  4. Run the pipeline by Actions.
    • Click on Actions and then Start new run to start a new run.
    • Below variables are present in the output
      1. web_application_url - url for blotout UI
      2. airflow_url - url for airflow UI
      3. loadbalancer - loadbalancer endpoint where the Blotout domain is being served
  5. Using the administrator_email we can now sign up in URL given by web_application_url. To know more, check how to login

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