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Terraform organization is a logical differentiation between different kinds of Terraform workspaces. It is similar to companies in the real world where each company has different departements and is logically different from others. Moreover, by this example, workspaces are similar to different departments in a company and combination of these workspaces results in a organization similar to different departments combining to form a company.

We can access organizations in two ways. Either we can create the organization by ourselves or we can accept an invitation for an already created Terraform organization. Both the ways are expalined below -

How to create an organization

  1. Log in to Terraform Cloud.
  2. Move to Create New Organization page to create a new organization.
  3. You need to enter your mail ID and an unique orgnization name. Create New Organization
  4. Your new organization is now created. Next step is to create a new workspace.

Accepting invitation to join an organization

  1. This case comes when you are accepting an invitation to an already existing organization. For this someone must have invited to access the Terraform organization using a mail ID.
  2. Click on the link and create an account on Terraform Cloud if required.
  3. Once logged in, if the terraform organization name is client-goldilocks then you will see it in the Terraform organizations page. Accept Invitation.

Next Steps