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Workspace is the place from where we create our infrastructure resources. All resources which get deployed are a part of some workspace. Workspaces can be used to group together certain set of resource which correspond to each other. For e.g., if we have multi-cloud infrastructure then we will have two different set of terraform files which will create the required resources in each cloud provider. To manage resources in these two cloud-providers we can chose to deploy them in two different workspaces. Workspace brings logical differentiation in our entire infrastructure. A workspace will be always be part of an organization.

Below we discuss how we can create a terraform workspace

Creating a terraform workspace

  1. Select your organization from the Organization's page.
  2. Click on + New Workspaces to create a new workspace. Terraform new workspace
  3. Select the first workflow Version Control workflow to begin with. Version Control Worklfow
  4. Select GitHub or chose your own VCS provider. VCS Provider
  5. We are right now chosing our repo terraform for this. To attach your own repo (not required to carry on this tutorial) see Connecting VCS. Terraform repo
  6. Configuring the setting of the workspace. Configure Settings
    • Give a name to the workspace. Naming a workspace, not necessarily, should be of some convention. We use <ENV_TYPE>-<LOGICAL-DIFFERENCE> for workspace nomenclature. As we are deploying infrastructure (hardware infra) and our environment type is for development so our workspace name if dev-infra.
    • In advance options we select the path and branch where the terraform code for our workspace is present. Here we are using /infra as the path and master as the branch.
  7. Click on Create Workspace to create the workspace.

Next Steps