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Google SSO Token

Integrating Google SSO with Blotout requires App registration on Google Console to get the Client ID and Secret Token.

OAuth Reference Link -

Generating Client ID and Secret Token

Follow the below steps to get the Client ID and Secret Token 1. Go to the URL

  1. First Create a new Project

  2. Click on Oauth Consent Screen and select the type of users

  3. Fill below details and provide the whitelist domain details under Authorized domains section and save

  4. Add scope for email,profile and openid

  5. Click on Create Credentials Menu and then choose OAuth Client ID (showing below)

  6. Choose the Web Application as below

  7. Add the Application URL - http:///api/google/v1/callback in Authorized redirect URIs and click on Create to get the Client Id and Client Secret.

Attaching SSO to Terraform cloud

In this step we will attach the above generated credentials to terraform cloud API

  1. Head over to Terraform cloud.
  2. Go inside your organization and head over to the variable set.
  3. Create a variable-set named google-sso. This will be the place where we will add our credentials. google-sso


    The variable set google-sso might already exist.

  4. Following variable are to be added alongwith the values generated in the above step. Check here on how to add variables to variable set. google-sso-varset-variables

    • google_client_id (sensitive)- Client ID
    • google_client_secret (sensitive) - Client secret
  5. Attach the above variable set to the workspace <ENV>-app (For e.g. If ENV is prod then workspace will be prod-app). Check here on how to attach variable set to workspace.

  6. Run the workspace.